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**We are excited to announce that we now serve South Florida** is NYC’s #1 source for Aeron chair repair and removal. Thru years of experience in the NYC office liquidation scene we have discovered that by narrowing our focus to one lucrative product both us and our clients can be successful.

How can your prices be so much better than anyone else? My liquidator insists that they pay top dollar?

By focusing on one product we are able to reduce our resale costs and thus pass the savings along to the customer. Your liquidator is probably right. On the total package nobody can beat him but on your chairs nobody pays more than us!

We are going to be liquidating. When should I get in touch with you?

Now! We are happy to have an initial discussion at any time. We are located in NYC and can almost always send someone over same day.

What sized lots do you work with?

Any! We are happy to buy one chair or one hundred! Thru our partners we can move any sized lot off your property at record speeds.

Why do you specialize in Aeron chairs?

We love the Aeron because it is the best office chair available. It is super comfortable, has a great look, and can easily be repaired. Our experience has shown that by focusing on one product we are able to offer top dollar to our customers.

How do I know if I am looking at a genuine Aeron chair?

The chair will have the name of its manufacturer, Herman Miller stamped on its back, behind the back of where your neck rests.

Do you really want my damaged chairs?

Yes! We can always pay you something for your chairs!